Brambleberry proprietors Chris and Sherry Hardie. Brambleberry proprietors Chris and Sherry Hardie

Bits from Brambleberry

Welcome to Bits from Brambleberry! From wine to weddings and farm to garden, we’re sharing the latest news and stories — sprinkled in with a bit of humor and storytelling.

Our blogs will display our variety of interests on many topics, which is how we ended up with such a diverse lifestyle. We’re fortunate to have met so many fascinating guests and customers over the years, which has made us all the richer for the experience.

Chris spent more than 30 years in the newspaper business telling stories and still writes a weekly column. He will share some of his stories and thoughts whenever the writing itch needs to be scratched.

Sherry is passionate about gardening, cooking and being in touch with Mother Nature. She is also an avid reader, part of her lifelong quest to never stop learning.

We hope you enjoy these stories.

Blog Posts

Winemakers’ Holiday Vacation

We were able to take a rare 2.5 days off to enjoy a little R&R earlier this week. Unfortunately, our northern getaway didn’t get completely live up to expectation, mostly because the motel we booked pulled a bait and switch. We reserved a room that was specifically advertised to have a spectacular view of Lake […]

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Wedding Rates

La Crosse, WI area weddings at Brambleberry Winery’s Great Hall Why pay $5,000 to $8,000 elsewhere when Brambleberry is as nice or nicer than comparable venues for around a quarter of the price. Before you sign a contract anywhere else, tour Brambleberry’s wedding venue. You’ll be glad you did. Brambleberry is the most affordable, high […]

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Sweet memory from maple season

The maple syrup season is upon us, although judging by the buds popping on our maples, it’s probably winding down. It’s been a few years since my wife Sherry and I have made syrup. We started with a few spiles and pails but grew tired of having to strain out bark, sticks and sometimes bugs […]

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Signs of spring on the farm

skunk cabbage

Stepping off the wild ride to see the signs of spring By Chris Hardie One sign that spring has arrived is when you realize that no matter how many hours you try to squeeze into the day it just isn’t long enough to get your work done. Field work, yard work, garden work, and work […]

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Old box a storehouse of memories

This old cheese box is stuffed with memories

Reliving past times through old documents By CHRIS HARDIE The contents of an old wooden cheese box sitting on a shelf was my ticket to a trip into the past. I took the box down and decided to go exploring. The musty collection of receipts, letters, notes and miscellaneous items packed into the Land O’Lakes […]

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About us

Chris and Sherry Hardie have worked in the service and hospitality business for more than 35 years. They are passionate about making, enjoying and educating others about great wine. They are also passionate about planning and hosting glorious weddings and providing high quality romantic getaways. Chris and Sherry moved to Chris’s family farm (which has […]

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Build the wall out of surplus cheese

Moon madness and surplus cheese “Ye fetch circumquaques to make me believe, Or thinke, that the moone is made of greene cheese. And when ye have made me a lout in all these, It seemeth ye would make me goe to bed at noone.” John Heywood By Chris Hardie My social media stream and news […]

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January 20 Wine of the Week

Rich & Creamy Chardonnay 2015 By Chris and Sherry Hardie/Brambleberry Winery Sometimes it’s difficult to tell from the label if the chardonnay inside is going to be light and crisp, big and oaky or somewhere in between. The name of this California wine makes it pretty clear what its taste profile wants to be. While […]

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January 13 wine of the week

Valley of the Moon Blend ’41 By Chris and Sherry Hardie/Brambleberry Winery The Valley of the Moon Winery blends Sonoma Valley winemaking heritage of more than 150 years with a modern winery and sustainable viticulture. The Stewart family purchased the winery in 2012 and has brought back the historic Madrone Vineyards — the name it […]

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Pine Bluff brings back memories

Region’s rocks are testaments to the past I stood atop a small outcropping of rock in the waning hours of 2018. These rock formations are quite common on our farm and in the Driftless Area. Geologists classify the rock as glauconite, also known as greensand for its dark color. It’s a sandstone formed from a […]

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True confessions: I have woodpile envy

The woodpile woes The airwaves are always bombarded with commercials touting the latest and greatest pharmaceutical offerings, but I have one malady for which no drug can cure. You never know when it’s going to strike. I’ll be driving down the road watching the scenery and bam! I am instantly overcome with jealousy and covetousness […]

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