Brambleberry proprietors Chris and Sherry Hardie. Brambleberry proprietors Chris and Sherry Hardie

Bits from Brambleberry

Welcome to Bits from Brambleberry! From wine to weddings and farm to garden, we’re sharing the latest news and stories — sprinkled in with a bit of humor and storytelling.

Our blogs will display our variety of interests on many topics, which is how we ended up with such a diverse lifestyle. We’re fortunate to have met so many fascinating guests and customers over the years, which has made us all the richer for the experience.

Chris spent more than 30 years in the newspaper business telling stories and still writes a weekly column. He will share some of his stories and thoughts whenever the writing itch needs to be scratched.

Sherry is passionate about gardening, cooking and being in touch with Mother Nature. She is also an avid reader, part of her lifelong quest to never stop learning.

We hope you enjoy these stories.

Blog Posts

Jan. 6 wine of the week

Dark Horse Pinot Grigio 2017 By Chris and Sherry Hardie Brambleberry Winery Wine in a can was a hot trend in 2018 and will likely continue throughout the upcoming year. Nielsen reported that canned wine sales were a $45 million business last year and surged 43 percent. Dark Horse, an EJ Gallo subsidiary, saw its […]

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Still alive and kicking

When you see your name in the obituaries By Chris Hardie We all have bad days now and then but all it takes is a little perspective to realize things could be worse. You could be dead. So sometimes when people ask how I’m doing, I’ll answer with a quip like “everyday above ground is […]

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Dec. 30 Wine of the Week

Premius Cremant de Bourdeaux Brut (Every week Brambleberry Winery owners Chris and Sherry Hardie review a wine that is not their own. They have been writing a weekly wine column for more than 15 years. The wines are ranked on a 5-star system) The Champagne region of France gets most of the attention this time […]

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December 23 Wine of the Week

Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (Every week Brambleberry Winery owners Chris and Sherry Hardie review a wine that is not their own. They have been writing a weekly wine column for more than 15 years. The wines are ranked on a 5-star system) This iconic California winery is best known for its top-selling chardonnay […]

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From farmer to butcher

skinning a deer

One trait that is universal with all small farmers is the do-it-yourself mindset. This is not unique to farmers, but figuring out how to get it done is as ubiquitous to farmers as carrying a pocket knife, pliers or a multi-tool. When there’s a breakdown or a snafu, there’s usually a repair, process or procedure […]

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Rent the Great Hall at Brambleberry for beautiful Wisconsin weddings

The Great Hall at Brambleberry Our majestic Great Hall  for wedding receptions was custom-designed for your special day. This unique and impressive 4,000 square-foot party pavilion is among the top high quality wedding venues in Western Wisconsin. Brambleberry’s Great Hall  is able to seat up to175 of your friends and family for receptions in comfort […]

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Brambleberry’s organic gardens

A sustaining belief Flowers, vegetables, berries and fruit trees are an integral part of Brambleberry. We believe in being good stewards of the earth, which nurtures and sustains us all. There are always some flowers in bloom during the growing season at Brambleberry and guests enjoy organic berries and other produce from our gardens, along […]

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Brambleberry Highland Cattle

Scottish Highland cattle are beautiful and rugged cows known for their prominent horns and shaggy coats. They are also very self-sufficient cattle because they can survive on less than ideal pasture. The meat is very lean and healthy. The animals are grass fed and take longer to mature than other breeds. We have future plans […]

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Brambleberry Sheep For Sale

All 2019 lambs have been sold. We have one 3-year-old registered stud ram for sale: $200   Brambleberry Farms is a member of the following organizations: The Scottish Blackface Breeders Union and the Scottish Blackface Sheepbreeders Association USA

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