Rant and Rave

“It’s funny how people have strong opinions on things they know nothing about.” 

We all have those topics that just stick in craw and beg to be opined about. Rant & Rave is our way of releasing a little steam, offering our thoughts with a bit of humor or simple straight talk.

Chris spent more than 30 years as a journalist and has written hundreds of columns and opinions, winning state and national journalism awards. He still writes a weekly column published in several newspapers. Some of those columns will be featured here, as well as other viewpoints.

But Sherry will also weigh in from time-to-time with her two cents, which many believe is worth twice that of the ramblings from her lesser half.


Blog Posts

Winemakers’ Holiday Vacation

We were able to take a rare 2.5 days off to enjoy a little R&R earlier this week. Unfortunately, our northern getaway didn’t get completely live up to expectation, mostly because the motel we booked pulled a bait and switch. We reserved a room that was specifically advertised to have a spectacular view of Lake […]

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Build the wall out of surplus cheese

Moon madness and surplus cheese “Ye fetch circumquaques to make me believe, Or thinke, that the moone is made of greene cheese. And when ye have made me a lout in all these, It seemeth ye would make me goe to bed at noone.” John Heywood By Chris Hardie My social media stream and news […]

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Pine Bluff brings back memories

Region’s rocks are testaments to the past I stood atop a small outcropping of rock in the waning hours of 2018. These rock formations are quite common on our farm and in the Driftless Area. Geologists classify the rock as glauconite, also known as greensand for its dark color. It’s a sandstone formed from a […]

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True confessions: I have woodpile envy

The woodpile woes The airwaves are always bombarded with commercials touting the latest and greatest pharmaceutical offerings, but I have one malady for which no drug can cure. You never know when it’s going to strike. I’ll be driving down the road watching the scenery and bam! I am instantly overcome with jealousy and covetousness […]

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Still alive and kicking

When you see your name in the obituaries By Chris Hardie We all have bad days now and then but all it takes is a little perspective to realize things could be worse. You could be dead. So sometimes when people ask how I’m doing, I’ll answer with a quip like “everyday above ground is […]

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