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Sweet memory from maple season

The maple syrup season is upon us, although judging by the buds popping on our maples, it’s probably winding down. It’s been a few years since my wife Sherry and I have made syrup. We started with a few spiles and pails but grew tired of having to strain out bark, sticks and sometimes bugs […]

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Signs of spring on the farm

skunk cabbage

Stepping off the wild ride to see the signs of spring By Chris Hardie One sign that spring has arrived is when you realize that no matter how many hours you try to squeeze into the day it just isn’t long enough to get your work done. Field work, yard work, garden work, and work […]

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Pine Bluff brings back memories

Region’s rocks are testaments to the past I stood atop a small outcropping of rock in the waning hours of 2018. These rock formations are quite common on our farm and in the Driftless Area. Geologists classify the rock as glauconite, also known as greensand for its dark color. It’s a sandstone formed from a […]

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True confessions: I have woodpile envy

The woodpile woes The airwaves are always bombarded with commercials touting the latest and greatest pharmaceutical offerings, but I have one malady for which no drug can cure. You never know when it’s going to strike. I’ll be driving down the road watching the scenery and bam! I am instantly overcome with jealousy and covetousness […]

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From farmer to butcher

skinning a deer

One trait that is universal with all small farmers is the do-it-yourself mindset. This is not unique to farmers, but figuring out how to get it done is as ubiquitous to farmers as carrying a pocket knife, pliers or a multi-tool. When there’s a breakdown or a snafu, there’s usually a repair, process or procedure […]

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Brambleberry Highland Cattle

Scottish Highland cattle are beautiful and rugged cows known for their prominent horns and shaggy coats. They are also very self-sufficient cattle because they can survive on less than ideal pasture. The meat is very lean and healthy. The animals are grass fed and take longer to mature than other breeds. We have future plans […]

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Brambleberry Sheep For Sale

All 2019 lambs have been sold. We have one 3-year-old registered stud ram for sale: $200   Brambleberry Farms is a member of the following organizations: The Scottish Blackface Breeders Union and the Scottish Blackface Sheepbreeders Association USA

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Brambleberry Sheep Farm

One of our favorite experiences in England was seeing the many flocks of sheep grazing on pastoral, green hillsides, watching the lambs frolic and hearing the soothing sounds of sheep bleating. We raise Suffolk and purebred registered Scottish Blackface sheep. The Scottish Blackface is the premier hill sheep of the Scottish Lowlands and has been in […]

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