Evil Never Dies – Murder Mystery Event


He was called Evil-Eyed Emil. When he looked at people with his infamous right eye, so the story went, bad things invariably happened. Townspeople cringed and covered their faces as Emil came near, not daring to look directly into his ominous orb. And, as he was being driven out of Reaper Junction on Halloween night exactly 100 years ago, Emil vowed to return one day to wreak his vengeance on the mob and its progeny for the way he had been so rudely tossed out.

That cryptic curse was all but forgotten by today’s generation of Reapers who laughed at such nonsense. But, the laughter has stopped. For last night, shockingly and unexpectedly, a local resident staggered into the town square and announced that Emil had been sighted in the woods and, true to his century-old proclamation, someone had been the victim of Emil’s anger.

The deceased was Grimsby Graves, the patriarch of a family whose ancestors had helped found Reaper Junction in 1770. The Graves seemed to have had their fingers in every pie that was ever baked in Reaper Junction. The history books say that it was, in fact, the Graves brothers who had led the torch-lit mob that oversaw Emil’s abrupt exit into the stormy night.

So, how then can justice be done? How can someone who is already dead be brought to trial? And, can the court truly find a jury of his “peers?” Or, will the explanation be less scintillating and more sinister? Could someone have used Emil as a scapegoat to cover a homicide that was well planned and willingly perpetrated by an Emil impostor?

You are portraying one of these suspects …

Gregory Graves
Grimsby Graves’s only child. Gregory is a “loner” with few acquaintances and even fewer friends. His time is occupied by his unusual hobby.

Bella Bones
Mortician and owner of Bones Mortuary. The Bones family has supervised the eternal interment of Reapers for as long as people can remember.

Jack Lantern
Pumpkin farmer. Halloween is his most profitable time of the year as people travel from miles around to purchase the perfect grand gourd from his peculiar patch.

Penelope Crust
Owner of the Reaper Bakery. Her recipes for Halloween treats have been passed down from generation to generation. No one is quite sure of the ingredients.

Todd Sweeney
Reaper Junction’s Barber. He’s been cutting Reaper hair for years and still uses a straight razor to give his customers the closest possible shaves.

Tara Cardoli
Mystic and fortune teller. Townspeople clandestinely seek her advice. Her predictions have been amazingly accurate.

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