The “perfect wedding”

In a recent survey conducted by The Knot magazine, 40% of couples said they felt “pressured to have the perfect wedding.”

That’s really sad. What actually is “perfect.” Do you have to outdo all the other weddings you’ve attended? Do you have to put on some kind of over-the-top show or some wild stunt to impress 500 of your closest friends and relatives? Would the perfect wedding involve having an expensive, exotic, huge array of gourmet foods? Or is the perfect wedding a destination wedding were all of your guests spend a tremendous amount of money flying to an exotic island for a week-long holiday as part of the celebration? Do you need a designer dress that costs tens of thousands of dollars? Should you hire the most artistic photographer you can find who will supply you with a wedding photo album comparable to a modeling portfolio? Will you have Preston Bailey fly in millions of blooms overseas to add beauty and the natural perfume of blooms to your event? How about a well-known professional rock or country band to help you dance the night away?

Remember, you’re not just planning a wedding, but a marriage — a life together. Forever.

Could the perfect wedding be … anything that lets you make a public affirmation of your love in a heartfelt ceremony with your most treasured friends and family in attendance cheering you on? Could it include a beautiful and comfortable scenic, peaceful ceremony site? Would it involve enjoying a delicious and nutritious dinner as you all celebrate by breaking bread together? Are you aware that a beautiful dress need not break the bank? Could you hire a skilled, moderately priced photographer? Can you live with having beautiful, yet less expensive flowers that are in season or even just a single rose for each attendant of the bridal party? Maybe you’ll be rocking and dancing the night away to a great DJ or band or maybe choose not to have a dance at all.

Try not to let wedding planning stress you out. Relax and take time to relish your engagement time together. The “perfect wedding” is “perfectly you.”

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