French Impressionist Room (Budget room)


French Impressionist Room

$100 for single night

$80 per night on multiple-night stays

Our online booking service does not reflect discount for multiple nights. We will adjust your bill accordingly.

Thrifty travelers will love the French Impressionist Room. This is a great room for guests who are gone most of the day biking, golfing, sightseeing or attending weddings and need a high-quality, clean room for the night.

This compact, cozy room features a half-tester queen canopy bed, plum/eggplant colored bedding and drapes and art prints of famous French Impressionist artists.

There is a dining table and two chairs, along with a TV/DVD player with local channels and for viewing movies.

The window overlooks the front lawn. You can also see the gargoyle, which protects the house from the porch roof. The compact bathroom is tucked away under a low, sloping ceiling (5-foot-11 at the highest point) and has a shower/tub combination.

Room size 13.5 X 9.5, plus bathroom = 190 sq. ft.

Amenities include:

Queen bed
Private attached bathroom with tub/shower combo
TV/DVD player
Alarm clock
Box fan
Wine glasses and corkscrew
Free wireless Internet
Hair dryer, shampoo and soap
Access to shared kitchenette
Pizzas and cheese plates available in winery

French Lavender bathroom French Lavender room

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