We’re engaged! Now what?

Where do you start when you’re planning a wedding? There is so much to do. It can seem overwhelming.

The number one decision to be made is your wedding budget. You need to know how much money you have to work with before a venue or a vendor is able to tell you what services they can provide you with at your given price point. Otherwise you could be wasting your time and theirs. You could eliminate a lot of stress by working within the parameters you’ve set.

You’d be wise to select a few possible dates and be flexible instead of working with just one date, unless you’re planning extraordinarily far in advance. You also need to decide on the number of guests to be invited. Small and intimate or huge fairy tale wedding. The biggest money savers when planning a wedding are trimming the guest list and choosing a day other than Saturday, the day most in demand for getting married. Wedding venues and caterers are the two most important vendors you want to secure your date with.

Lastly, couples need to prioritize their most wanted list and decide which items aren’t as important to them.

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