Construction update: Grand Wedding Pavilion at Brambleberry

Danmark Plumbing has done a fabulous job installing our sinks and fixtures and carpenters Denny Kyser and Pat Sacia skillfully placed the backsplash.

Luxurious showers await wedding guests who camp at Brambleberry.

Construction work on Brambleberry’s Grand Wedding Pavilion is almost done! We’re only waiting for the concrete company to finish pouring a section of floor and the sidewalk (which will be done as soon as the spring road weight limit bans are lifted).


We’re also waiting for some warm days to paint the sliding barn doors and interior walls. This week the carpenters finished installing doors, trim and the restroom stalls in the bathhouse. The wood plank porcelain floor in the gathering area looks fabulous. The carpenters also finished trimming out the mom and baby lounge.

New mothers and babies have a peaceful, private and very comfortable place to nurse.

Over the next few weeks we will be relocating the animal barn so it will no longer be in front of the pavilion. We’ll also be waiting for the thaw to finish up some landscaping and seeding of grass. This week we hope to assemble storage dollies and unpack 400 chairs and 40 banquet tables and get them neatly stored away.



The pavilion is designed to house 300 guests in comfort and style. Booking now for 2018 and 2019 events. Couples are welcome to contact us to schedule a tour.


The siding is going up on the restroom building.

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